Majestic Luxury Electric Wheelchair Brown-Black IQ 8000
Majestic Luxury Electric Wheelchair Brown-Black IQ 8000

Majestic Luxury Electric Wheelchair Brown-Black IQ 8000

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Increase your mobility and independence with Majestic Lux Electric Wheelchair. 

Having a more active lifestyle including being able to visit loved ones and engage in activities like getting around the local park, visiting the local shops, or heading to a gallery without assistance is not a dream anymore. 

Here is the easy-to-use Majestic Electric Wheelchair to overcome the barriers preventing you from socialization which is vital for your emotional and physical health

By providing extreme comfort for the ones struggling to stand for long periods, Majestic Electric Wheelchair enables traveling independently while conserving energy to still enjoy and complete your activities. 

With up to 12 miles of traveling distance with a full charge, Majestic Lux  Electric Wheelchair allows you to go farther distances than you might with a manual wheelchair. 

Majestic Electric Wheelchair is providing the opportunity to avoid repetitive strains of upper body muscles related to the usage of manual wheelchairs. 

With its 33-inches turning radius, Majestic Electric Wheelchair has fairly good maneuverability in small spaces. 

Majestic Electric Wheelchair comes with a Bluetooth Remote Controller. The wheelchair can be controlled within Bluetooth range.  

Constructed with carbon steel which is produced with a new technology of aircraft alloy, this wheelchair is more durable and lightweight also does not need any maintenance. It only weighs 55lbs. and can hold up to 360lbs. 

It can be easily folded, and it is very convenient for storage and travel. It is suitable for air travel and cruise trips.

Majestic Electric Wheelchair will never fail you on grass, ramp, brick, muddy, snow, and bumpy roads. 


Majestic Electric Wheelchair is FDA approved so you will have all necessary and most safety features automatically

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